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D'Addario Strings

Shubb Capo

Safe Home

This is an album I’ve been writing and producing for about two years - a couple of the songs are a bit older and somehow fell through the cracks. It has a lot of different styles; my own is the acoustic, wooden, folk music that I think is inspired by the mountains and my mentors, but some new collaborations with writers Nolan Gasser, Bob Hardwick and Erich Stratmann have led me on some different paths.

I have been blessed...to have a loving wife (of almost 18 years) and my best friend, Pam, a daughter Casey 16 (yikes) a son James 12 and to be able to support them creating music (which I still love). I am thankful for the gift and love of my parents Jan and Virg (in Kearney, Nebraska) and brothers Chuck (in North Platte, Nebraska) and Tom (in Elkhorn, Nebraska). I appreciate performing with the musicians on this album and those who travel around with me from time to time. I am also grateful to the folks I work for and with at Vail Resorts (especially Keystone and Breckenridge - our real home) and Ski USA for taking me along to places all over the world to promote skiing/boarding. I am so thankful to so many that have helped me on this journey.

Safe Home Cover

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Love each other and nurture the Earth,
Jim Salestrom, Colorado - 2001


Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Bass Guitar and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

Such Amazing Times To Be Alive fits in nicely with a trip I made heli skiing in Canada last January - Hup Hup!

SINGAPORE - Jim Salestrom
Guitars, Bass Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Machine and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

I wrote Singapore four years ago on a Star Cruise from Singapore to Phuket, Thailand, and the amazing trip through Kuala Lumpur and Langkowi. It was hotter than blazes and I was one of two Americans on board - interesting perceptions.

DON’T LAUGH AT ME - Steve Seskin and James Shamblin
Keyboards and Cello - Don Garberg, Guitars and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

Don’t Laugh At Me is a wonderful song for the times that I learned from Peter Yarrow. Peter is a friend since my Timberline days who is always doing good things and has started a foundation based on this song.

ST. STEPHEN’S GREEN - Bob Hardwick and Jim Salestrom
Keyboards - Bob Hardwick, Guitars, Bass Guitar, Ukes and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

St. Stephen’s Green is a collaboration with Bob Hardwick. Bob’s “at the very top” with a society orchestra in New York City. I played with Bob’s band at President and Mrs. Gerry Ford’s wedding anniversary. Pam and I travel each year in January to Dublin where I perform at the Holiday World Travel Show. We always walk by St. Stephen’s Green, Trinity University, near our home away from home, the Burlington Hotel.

WITH LOVE TO MOMMY - Peter Read and Jim Salestrom
Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Ukes, Bass Guitar, Drum Machine and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

With Love To Mommy is another Peter Read inspiration for his daughter Megan and written from her kids', Sophie and Sutter’s, viewpoint. Daddy (Eric) gets a mention too. This was also originally released on the very special album called The Lindsay Wildlife Museum.

LIFE IS A BEAUTIFUL SONG - Nolan Gasser and Jim Salestrom
Piano - Nolan Gasser, Bass Guitar - Terry Miller, Guitars and 8-String Tenor Uke, Vocals - Jim Salestrom, Background Vocals - Steve Miller, Mollie Weaver and Jim Salestrom

Life Is A Beautiful Song was a gift from Nolan Gasser - a truly remarkable friend and a great musician who has his Ph.D. in classical music studies from Stanford. He gave me a cassette before a 14 hour plane ride to Australia in July of 2000 and said, "this is your song-if you’d like to add some words...that’d be fine." I wrote the song walking around Melbourne and Sidney trying to adjust to time differences and thinking of home. “Safe Home” is a term that the Irish say and it found its way into the song and also as the title of this album.

HEART OF THE WATERMELON - Peter Read and Jim Salestrom
Guitars, Ukes, Bass, Banjo, Drum Machine, Keyboards and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

Heart Of The Watermelon is a phrase coined by my dear friend Peter Read. There are references to Pebble Beach and a large statue of Tin Tin. Also “Ansel” in the song is Ansel Adams who continues to amaze us with his photography. This song was originally released on a very special album to raise money and awareness for The Lindsay Wildlife Museum in Walnut Creek,California.

Fiddle - John Sommers, Banjo - Hereford Percy, Guitars, Uke, Bass - Jim Salestrom, Vocals and Hand Claps - John Sommers, Hereford Percy and Jim Salestrom

Thank God I’m A Country Boy was written on a trip to Los Angeles by John Sommers. He was visiting his Mom and she said, “I think I like that one.” We do too, John, and to spend the time with you and my neighbor, 1st Bank President and super talented musician Hereford Percy, was a blast. Now, if I could just learn to putt.

Keyboards - Tom Capek, Guitars and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

The Baseball Song was written and recorded for the Colorado Rockies' inaugural year. I’ve been able to sing the National Anthem for them each year since their beginning - it’s fun to go backstage at the ball park. Thanks Alan.

JAMES’ SONG - Jim Salestrom
Electric and Acoustic guitars, Ukes, Bass Guitar and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

James’ New Song is a true story, as I wasn’t sure I wanted to name my son after myself when he was born. His four year old sister Casey liked James Michael as a name and it worked for me as it was close... We are truly blessed by this gift from James.

TAKE A DEEP BREATH - Jim Salestrom
Recorder - Jim Horn, Keyboards - Don Garberg, Guitars and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

Take A Deep Breath is a wedding song I wrote for John and Catherine Coons. I performed the song at their wedding in San Francisco at a beautiful Lutheran church.

GOLDEN STREAM - Jim Salestrom
Keyboards and Bass - Don Garberg, Saxophone - Jim Horn, Guitars and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

Golden Stream was written with love at the Bohemian Grove for Bobby Jones, Ron Dalby, Norm Wight, Bill Youngclous, and Jim DeSorrento on August 28, 1999.

THE LIFE YOU’VE SHARED WITH ME - Erich Wolf Stratmann and Jim Salestrom
Piano - Erich Wolf Stratmann, Guitars and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

The Life You’ve Shared With Me is for Debbie Stratmann and Pamela Salestrom from Erich and me. Erich sings with the San Francisco Opera and does fund raising for the San Francisco Boys Chorus. The Stratmann's have a beautiful home where I was...in my mind...when I wrote this song.

ARGENTINA - Jim Salestrom
Synthesizers, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Drum Machine and Vocals - Jim Salestrom

Argentina is a fun disco-ish romp that Casey and James sang on with me in Buenos Aires in May of 2000. We did a little video, celebrated Casey’s birthday at Michelangelo and were too tired each night to go to the Buenos Aires News...a disco with “5000 of your closest Argentinean friends.”