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Shubb Capo
Red Clouds

Red Clouds is about longtime author and Nebraska Poet Laureate, John Neihardt, who wrote the acclaimed Black Elk Speaks. At one time, John Neihardt worked for my great grandfather, Hershel Copple, and my grandmother, Claire McKinley Copple, was the Neihardt's baby sitter. I was honored to meet John Neihardt in 1973.

When I was a younger boy
I met a man so old
Wise just like my father
I heard stories Neighardt told
I was the student
He was the teacher
And Black Elk was the soul
And I remember his white hair flowing
And I remember all his love

And now there's Red Clouds in the sunset
They were living off the land
There are Red Clouds in the sunset
How come we still don't understand
There are Red Clouds in the sunset
The story has been told
There are Red Clouds in the sunset
They remind me of their love

He lived among the Indians
As an equal as a friend
And his own people could not believe him
He wasn't always close to them
A true believer Sioux Dreamer
He wrote down what has been
So I write this down for Gaki
Oh Neighardt was a friend

And the shaman had a reason
For warning us to run
They knew we wouldn't follow
Mother Nature to the sun
And it makes me feel ashamed
when I think of how it was
There are Red Clouds in the sunset
They remind me of their love

 Words and Music by Jim Salestrom
© Field of Daisies Publishing, Inc.

Red Clouds

Painting - Red Clouds
by Frank Howell

Red Clouds

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From the
Distant Eyes Album

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