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D'Addario Strings

Shubb Capo
John Denver, Pam and Jim

Jim and Pam taking a break with John Denver during the recording of John's Different Directions album at Sound Recorders in Omaha in 1991. Jim sang and played on the album.
Thanks K.O.

Avalanche Game
Playing the National Anthem at the Colorado Avalanche Games during the finals of the Stanley Cup in 1996. The Avalanche Won!
Favorite summer pastime, playing the National and Canadian Anthems at the Colorado Rockies Games.
Rockies Game
Playing in Deadwood, South Dakota
with Michael Johnson.
Michael Johnson and Jim
Jim with his Emmy Arward
Posing with his second Emmy. Won for the
"Bronco Bandwagon 1997" a TV promotion
for the Denver Broncos.
The Wild Jimbos playing a LightHawk benefit in Aspen in the 1990's.
Wild Jimbos
Jim with John Denver

Darcy Farrow has always been a favorite song of Jim's, ever since he heard John Denver sing it to the "tech crew" backstage at Red Rocks in 1972. Jim was 16 then and was working for the sound company that night.

In 1993, during a benefit concert in Aspen, Jim was singing Darcy Farrow, lost in the music with his eyes closed, when all of a sudden a familiar voice started singing next to him - it was John. They finished the song together.

A Blast from the Past: Randy Parton, Jim and Gregg Perry, Dolly Parton's Band Leader, hangin' out while on tour with Dolly Parton in Alpine Valley, Wisconsin in 1979
Randy, Jim and Gregg
Jim with Dolly Parton
Who is that young guy?
Gregg Perry, Richard Dennison and Jim performing with Dolly Parton way back in 1979!!
Dolly Parton Tour 1979
Dolly Parton Tour 1979
Dolly Parton Tour 1979
Jim with John Denver
Photos by Brian Schrack
Jim (16) and John Denver (28) at the sound check for a concert at Kearney State College, Kearney Nebraska in the fall of 1972. Photos are from Jim's 1973 high school yearbook.John Denver in 1972
John shows Jim the drop "D" tuning on Jim's new D-41 Martin.
Jim and Chuck
.Jim at age 14, performing with his brother Chuch and
playing a 1967 Gibson B-25-12 at a Campus
Lutheran Folk Service Rejoice. 
Alley Rose 1980
Jim performing at the Alley Rose in
Lincoln, Nebraska 1980