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As I See It

November 15, 1997

Hi There!

It's so nice of you to take the time to read this. And it's nice to catch up and let you know what I've been up to. Please feel free to drop me a note. I'm always amazed by this technology!

I've just finished and released a new album called Western Winds. I started on it last May and it is just now available through the web site. Moulin D'Or, my record company is going to release it next spring nationally but they've allowed me to release a limited amount. I think it's my best solo effort with a lot of talented folks helping me out.

That is also true of the Garden Street children's album that I just recorded with my music and Nancy Mills lyrics. She is a very talented writer and I'm excited to see what people think. I also recorded a tune with my Mom singing a lullaby that she sang to us as children. So...2 new albums out and so much to look forward to.

I spent the summer playing in Colorado and California, then traveled a bit with Michael Johnson up in South Dakota and Nebraska. Also played with the Wild Jimbos over in Aspen one night along with performing for some good new friends that have a home over there. On top of doing the shows, I wrote some new commercials and a town song to commemorate the 125 quasicentennial of my hometown, Kearney Nebraska. The kids in Kearney will sing that on Jan. 23, 1998, and I'll be there to cheer them on.

I had a very interesting trip to Germany in October traveling to Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Munich. I've been given a wonderful opportunity to play music and represent Vail Resorts (they purchased Breckenridge and Keystone this past summer) and I enjoy playing my music over there as well as traveling with a good group of people. Then it was back to Denver to rehearse with Chris Engleman and Dugg Duggan for the next big trip.

Then I got the news that John Denver was killed in a plane accident off the coast of California. That was…and still is…a very sad thing in my life. I feel so sad for his family and close friends. I was told that he was really happy and getting on so well. He meant so much to me and he always will. I am a fan and his music changed my life. I told him once at a concert 20 years ago that I had a dream. It was to sing with him one day...and that dream came true a number of times including singing on his album Different Directions. This is still very hard for me and I'm not sure that I want to share my deepest thoughts yet. The two services, one in Denver and one in Aspen were a celebration of his life and I'm grateful I was able to attend. I'm also grateful to Marcia Jahn and Barbara Heckendorn, my wife Pam and my kids Casey and James, and K.O. for letting me be there. I loved John Denver and his music and I will continue to sing it.

I got on a plane with Pam the next day and flew to Amsterdam, then Edinburgh, Scotland, where we stayed with friends in the country for one night. The walk with our friends in the cool Scottish fall and an incredible meal sent us on our way to Dublin the next morning. What a beautiful city and time we had there. A little golf and some music and we continued on to Belfast, Glasgow and Edinburgh again.

Pam left for the States and I headed for London for 2 weeks of plays and playing. The London Daily Mail Ski Show was packed and having Chris and Dugg there saved my voice and sanity. A couple of trips to see our friend, Tim, at Buckingham Palace and the wives coming back over for the final weekend made the trip a bit more bearable...I missed the kids so much though.

So Now...here I am with a couple of days off. I'm headed out to San Francisco on Monday for a few days of playing. Wednesday at Vic Stewart's Steak House should be a lot of fun. Back home and a weekend trip to Nebraska to celebrate my parents', Jan and Virgs', 50th. WOW!!! Does time ever fly.

I'll be in Breckenridge and sometimes in Vail this winter. I plan on skiing a bunch and hanging out with the old guard. If you get out our way, look me up. I've posted a new calendar with my good friends Barb and Marcia over in Basalt.

I hope you have a great winter season and I hope you are at peace with yourselves and your playmates. Hang in there! I'm sure trying!

Thanks for listening...Happy Holidays and God Bless!