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As I See It

January 31st, 2008

It’s been quite a while since I’ve added a new note to "As I See It". I apologize for being late but it sort of goes with the way life has been these past 20 months. So here we go....

May 2006
Erich Stratmann’s annual San Francisco Boys Chorus Cabaret fundraiser happened again and I am, as always, grateful to be a part of it. It is one of the classiest three-day celebrations of music with an incredible audience of 45 to 50 folks each night. Erich is a wise entrepreneur and raises a ton of money for the Boys Chorus. They sing with the San Francisco Opera as does Erich.

June 2006
There was a trip to Nashville to see Richard and Hannah Dennison. I sang with Rad for 11 years in Dolly Parton’s band and we have been friends for 30 years now. Hannah is his pretty daughter and Rad’s new home is just fantastic. While in Nashville, I recorded with Sam Bush and Jim Horn at a famous old studio and we had a wonderful first time meeting with Suzy Bogguss. She and I will be hosting the Colorado Rocky Mountain Christmas this coming December with Ken Miller at the The Broadmoor, a five star resort in Colorado Springs for ten0 shows. Suzy sang on God’s Own Gardner and I am grateful for her friendship and help.

July 2006
They were shows in Breckenridge around the 4th of July and then a long pause (two weeks) in Northern California that’s always filled with singing and laughing. A camp in a Redwood grove is too hard to describe, but is a battery charger for 2,000 folks who accept each other with love and friendship unconditionally. The talent and the stories are amazing. It makes me always remember that we are all equal and all have a great life story. It makes me want to try harder to listen… to respect and accept everyone’s opinion and view. What a great place to work on your human being skills.

August 2006
Pam and I drove my new 50th birthday present, a Porsche 911, in the Quayle Lodge Car Rally. It was a wonderful experience with a dinner at the most beautiful home on 17 Mile Drive. We are so blessed! Ron and his crew polished my old sports car to a shine and I was so proud of the fact that I drove it from Denver through Lake Tahoe to Pebble Beach without so much as a hic-up. Pam got to take a ride in an electric car, a prototype that hit 90 miles in hour in 6 seconds (or something crazy like that).

September 2006
The 1979 911 SC (go cart) got a ride on a beautiful car carrier up to Red Lodge Montana. Pam and I flew there and drove 1,200 miles around the state with other founding members of the Going To The Sun Car Rally. I wrote the theme song, and as I do on many of these trips, made a homemade slide show movie for the gang to watch on the final evening of the tour. Not once did I fear any problems with Nick Sopranos’ wonderful car. He really set me up. I barely have to add oil and Pam even had it up to 100 plus a couple of times on the long stretches.

October 2006
The fall came in with the annual Aspen shows to celebrate John Denver’s life, with Tribute concerts for the 9th year in a row. Ken Roberts and Kris O’Connor spend so much money and time to allow us to honor the man I admired so much. Although I was not in his band, I really feel there were a few times over the course of the 25 years knew him, that we connected and that we were friends. The guys and gals involved in these shows have the best intentions.

Pam and I traveled to the Czech Republic for a week with our friends from the Bay Area, and organizers of the Castles and Concerts Tours, Tom and Georgia Montgomery. Prague was incredible, the most beautiful city in Europe I’ve ever visited. We stayed in the Grand Bohemia Hotel, which had a ballroom that was considered the finest/fanciest between Paris and Berlin. We had our final dinner and concert of the trip there. The city is full of history, including a home where Mozart lived and wrote music. Marienbad was a charming alpine town with a marvelous town orchestra, better than anything I’ve heard, and after an hour rehearsal (basically one pass on each orchestrated song we presented) they played it flawlessly and so in tune. I got to sing Queen Anne’s Lace, with a Jerome Gilmer arrangement - it was fantastic. Thank you Jerome! Thank you Tom and Georgia!

In between there was lots of tennis as we watch son James finish near the very top in State Singles. James is a Senior at Ralston Valley High School, and will go on to graduate with one B in his four years there. He loves his electric music and band----Amazing!

November 2006
A show in Evergreen Colorado for the Evergreen Arts Community and then traveling for concerts in Annapolis for the Maryland Therapeutic Riding Association and Vero Beach Florida for the Indian River Hospital with the John Denver guys.

December 2006
A trip to Berkeley California for Carol Read Breast Cancer Hospital Fundraiser and Pam got a new ring that was designed by a family friend from Belvedere California.

The Christmas season would not feel the same without the shows at the Borolo Grill for the Madison Group, and what a joy to visit Vancouver every year to play for the Kaiser Foundation. It is so much fun for Pam and I to stay at the Vancouver Club and see our Canadian friends, then travel to Seattle to see Aunt Sis who will be 95 next August. Pam’s brother Auggie and wife Patty join us for dinner each year at Brooklyns’. Aunt Sis always toasts Uncle Jack (with Jack Daniels) and she is a wonderful generous Aunt to all of us. She is amazing.

On top of all this, I played shows with Ken Miller at the Broadmoor. Ken has become a real good friend and his talent for keeping everything organized is a shining example of what I’d like to be able to do. He has been playing with me more, and more, he’s just a wonderful player…. and I really enjoy his company. Ken did the orchestration/arranger at the Air Force Academy for 20 years, He’s a Juliard Graduate and so accomplished.

On Dec 29th, I wrote a song for Warren Miller. I knew I was going to meet the great legendary ski filmmaker and I thought it appropriate to capture my feelings about his art. So on the flight to Bozemen and the Spanish Peaks, I wrote the song. I didn’t have any paper on the United flight but there was an airsickness bag and I had a Sharpie pen. I framed the bag (with the help of a good Jimbo friend) for him, explaining that it almost made me sick to think he hadn’t had a song written about him lately. I played it for him and Laurie on New Years’ Eve at their beautiful home at the Yellowstone Club. It was an emotional time for me and I think for Warren too. Pam loved meeting them. Warren said to keep a journal and add something to it everyday…. I need to do this.

January into February 2007
I have become a traveling troubadour (and the entertainment director) for the next couple of years for a wonderful private ski resort next door to Big Sky Montana. I fly up to Bozemen and rent a car from Tammy at Thrifty Car Rental in Belgrade. They have become good friends there and always seem to have my Montana Cadillac (a red crew cab Ford 150 pick-up with 4 x 4 drive) ready for me. I drive down Highway 191, south through the canyon and up towards the Big Sky Ski Resort. A turn on Ousel Falls road and another 15-20 minutes brings me to the massive gates of Spanish Peaks. It’s a ski/golf resort for those who want to make a great investment on a 3,000 acre tract of land that over looks Lone Pine Mountain, and of course the Spanish Peaks. If you want to visit someday, write me. We have a brand new Tom Weiskopf golf course and lifts that are perfect for beginner skiers that have access into Big Sky. Warren Miller says an investment in Montana now is the same as one in Colorado back in 1953. I’m not sure how he figures that, but I would have to agree that the Big Sky Country is pristine and beautiful. I am working on an album of Montana songs that should be out by 2009. I find myself skiing to work with a new Martin CEO-4 sunburst guitar on my back. I take a lift called Southern Comfort up the mountain and then ski a short distance down to the Pinnacle, a new restaurant owned by Spanish Peaks but accessible to the public. They have a great sound system and I love playing there. It’s fun to get back into playing three hours a pop and I get my memory and chops back. It’s a bit of an adventure skiing down at the end of the da, and playing there at night is another adventure, as I have to drive over to the base of Big Sky to get on the snow cat drawn sleigh to ride up there to play.

On February 24th and -25th, Pam and I headed back to the Minden Opera House for a couple of concerts. We ended up canceling the show because of a bad snow storm. It was a drag, but we rescheduled the shows for the Spring and that’s a pretty little room to play. The school concert I gave on Monday was so much fun. Those little ones are sponges. And Ben Morey, Jim Morey’s (LeAnn Rimes, Dolly Parton, Hannah Montana's manager) brother once introduced me when I was in the 6th grade at a Jr. Class Dance in Minden.

March 2007
March 12th, 2007 - I will always remember this date, as it is my father, Virgil’s 88th birthday. And it is so special as Ken Roberts arranged a special performance for me. On this date in history, the State of Colorado voted the song, Rocky Mountain High, to be the co-official state song of Colorado. Right after it was voted in, Rep. Nancy Todd read the following statement written by me as she introduced me to sing Rocky Mountain High on the floor of the State House: “For all of John Denver's fans... For his Mother Irma and his children...and especially for all who live in Colorado, Thank you!"

I played for a fundraiser for Trout Unlimited at the Cabin in the Presidio with my good friend Dick Hardwick. Special thanks to Miner Family Wines and Dave Miner who donated all the wine! Dick and I had played a show together up at Spanish Peaks with Lewis Mock, Scott Webring and Ken Miller. It was a blast! We stayed with Dean and Margot Genge at Owls’ Eyes and we laughed till we cried. Ken also brought a tear to our eyes by writing baby Elizabeth Anne Dolan a new song. He wrote it at Laurie and Warren Miller’s piano. What a gift!

I did another movie/slide/video for the Dartmouth Alumni Ski Week. These 80 friends get together each year in March in Keystone Colorado to celebrate their knees and so much athletic behavior. They are also members of the Animal House that paved the way for all the stories in the movie - it’s a fun ride.

March into April 2007
Pam and I ride in the business class section of a United flight from San Francisco to London then to Dublin. We see our dear friends Jackie and Alan Dunphy as well as their kids. We did this to see our pal Richard Dennison at the end of a five-week tour he was doing with Dolly Parton. Richard got to hang with us on one night. We had a great dinner with Kathryn McKiernan (she’s doing a marvelous job as the host of a children’s TV show called Wakey Wakey - she even interviewed Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) in London for her show, wow, and her folks Oliver and Carmel. Richard sang his tail off and the show was just wonderful. Wires were a bit crossed and we didn’t get to say hello to Dolly but that was just fine. She knew we were there after the fact and as hard as it is to meet and greet people, we felt like we had given her a little gift. Guiness is still the best served in Ireland and we hope to go again and again.

We flew back to San Francisco and I had the honor of writing and performing a song for one of our dearest friends, Steven. He had a big birthday and a huge surprise at the DeYoung Museum, which was thrown at him by his brother and our other loving friend Peter.

April into May 2007
It’s unbelievable how much we traveled in 2007. Pam and James and Casey and I all headed out from Denver to Frankfurt, then Barcelona to meet up with 150 of our closest friends for a trip from Barcelona to Rome on the Windstar Spirit, one of the Windstar Cruise ships that travel by sail, as well as propeller. It was a fantastic trip with stops in Corsica, Majorca and Elba where Napoleon was exiled. We did concerts in old cathedrals and on the ship. It is amazing to think that we’ll travel to Russia in 2008 with the same Castles and Concerts group, and then to Monaco in 2009 by Windstar Cruise again. These are open to the public and filled with the nicest people you could ever share the world with…. write me if you’d like more info. Pam and I spent a week driving back to Barcelona with Bill and Molly Baker and their two friends from the Netherlands. We stopped in St. Remy for a few days in the south of France. We visited Van Gogh’s sanitarium, saw where he painted all the hay stacks and landscapes. It was an incredible trip----another in one year!

I played for Jim and Dianne Klein’s daughter’s wedding in San Francisco, and then we watched with pride as James graduated. My folks came out from Nebraska and we had a special visit from a Bay Area puppeteer named Bob Hartman, who James had enjoyed on the Delta Queen years ago. James and his grad friends really loved the grown-up humor of this entertainer. We also had a nice concert at the Mt Vernon Country Club with Ken Miller and Rich Lamb.

June 2007
Peter and Wendy got married! I wrote new song called Come Along With Me with Peter. He’s such a great friend and I am so happy he is so happy. More celebrations in Pebble Beach and Tiburon! Lynn Fritz has a special birthday at Lynmar Winery. I threw a surprise party for Erich Stratmann at the Marine’s Memorial. I sired a big show at the Bohemian Grove called the Spring Picnic. I got to help write and produce the show, brought Ken Miller in and also had the joy of sharing the stage with the best musicians including Tom Scott on saxophone.

There was another really nice evening at Rich and Andrea Lambs’ home, just beautiful, with old friends and percussionist Don Grove. Rich and Andrea have a home on the side of a deep canyon and they built a nice stage for some neighborhood concerts. Chris Nole and Pete Huttlinger came from Nashville and Mollie Weaver sang too.

July 2007
Denny Brooks flew in and joined Eric Moon, Ken Miller, Laurie Gabriel, Lewis Mock, David Heck and James Salestrom to perform in Keystone and Silverthorne as well as our yearly big show at the Riverwalk Tent in Breckenridge. They have torn that down and are considering a permanent structure. I hope we get to do the show again next year!

On July 10th my little brother Tommy lost his dear wife Jolene to cancer. I had made a few trips up to see them and we cancelled a trip to Russia in part because of her quick diagnosis and how fast her illness progressed. It was and still is a very hard thing to deal with and I am very proud of Tommy, Ben and Jack for their strength and courage through this terrible time in their lives. This is what I read at the service - "Singing the Rainbow Connection has never been harder. I'm Jim, Tom's "younger" brother. Emotionally I know that to be the truth. This is a Major Event in our lives. An event so sad and powerful that it changes us and makes us appreciate each moment and how precious it is to be with people like Jo. It marks a time in our lives when we say, "You know I started looking at this whole thing in different way because of Jo". I have never seen such courage at it's best but here in Sioux Falls. I’ve witnessed it through Tom and Jo these past 100 days. Think of it... 100 days... hope and despair, Mayo and reality, Sanford, the very best these folks could ask for.... and always so many prayers and so many people asking if "there's anything I can do please call, you're in my thoughts and prayers" It all rings true and it all will register with Tom... give him some time, he's courageous but he's been in the fight for her life.... he’s a survivor. The boys know this too. There was nothing any of us could do... and towards the end of these 100 days, Jo knew it and Tom knew it, they even told us to help us get ready for this week and now today, she was loved by so many---even the Doctors and the Nurses and all of us family and friends prayed that a miracle would happen and she'd somehow survive. And here we are. And now we're here.... this is a service to understand Jo's leaving, it's important that we all connect and remember this special person in our lives. This is how we deal with such a loss. (Cue the tears here - it's about letting go) Jo was a marvelous gal and lived to help others through signing. Jo was the best daughter/sister that any one family could ask for. Her ultimate sacrifice has saved lives and will continue to save others. Get a check-up.... I haven't yet but I will and that’s that. And you do it too or that’s that. She was a great Mom. Her time to reflect and set the course for her two boys... down the road... will reverberate for lifetimes. She was my brother's wife and he would do back flips to please her and Ladies and Gentlemen..... He did triple back flips and paradidles and omelets and curious spam delights and dental trips and cub scout trips and think about this for a second... Tommy and Jo got three months for her to leave with dignity and for him to figure out how to juggle..... His love for her.... his responsibility for Ben and Jack, visits to the hospital and trying to keep his business intact. Tom and Jo did it. Tom wants all of you to know how much Jo and he and the boys appreciate you being here and what you've done by major acts (like the lawn) and random acts (like a foot massage) of kindness. Jo heard about it all and was blown away!!!! Sioux Falls rocks!!!! How cool is this. Today we are here to celebrate a family’s love and Jo's life. This is a true reflection of Jo's love for her family and for all of you her friends. This is a true reflection of our love for Jo. I am so proud of them---- Your "younger littler" brother, Jimbob"

Late July I flew back up to Montana to play at the Yellowstone Club near Big Sky. I’ve had the privilege of playing there a number of times now, but this time will always be a very happy memory. Sandra Day O’Connor is a very dear friend of mine (and now Pam's too). She was giving a speech at Montana State University. I called her office to see if she could “come out and play”. Sandra’s two friends brought her to Dean and Margot Genge’s home for afternoon tea. Then they all followed me up to the Yellowstone Club to listen to me perform. We ended the day with a very special BBQ on the deck of Spanish Peaks. What an amazing, loving friend, who has given so much of her life to helping our country, and how sweet she is to all who meet her.

I played with California musicians at Lambert Ridge Winery for the Healdsburg Hospital Fund Raiser. I was auctioned off for $25,000.00. That’s quite an honor for a musician that’s never had a hit song on the radio. Thanks to Hallie and Paul Downey.

August 2007
I flew back and forth to Montana so many times in 2007 (83.5 trips). With just 16.5 more flights, (8.5 trips) I would have reached the 1K status which I realize now is not something to be real proud of. The 3rd of August I played at the opening of Tom Weiskopf’s newest golf course at Spanish Peaks. I got to play the course a few times and it is just wonderful! If you want to visit please write me.

I played with Rich Lamb and Ken Miller and Eric Moon for Glenn Rutherford’s birthday near Conifer Colorado. They have a beautiful home and Glen as one of the founding fathers of Ocean Pacific Clothing, and is a very nice man. Then a trip to Portland to play a concert, with Don Garberg, for a family that also has booked me in Palm Springs. Peter and Deena gave Pam and I a beautiful trip to remember.

There was a concert in Keystone, with the whole band, for 1,100 folks from around the world. John Hoxmeier put it together, we worked on the entertainment part for three years - Thanks John. John and I went to school together in Holdrege Nebraska.

The next night was a huge fundraiser at the Eagle Vail airport. The Vail Valley Foundation raised $270k. I was auctioned off for three home concerts for a total of $45k. Sorry about throwing numbers out like this but it was a real WOW for me to raise that kind of dough for a great cause. I was able to bring Jim Horn, Bill Danoff, John Sommers, Chris Nole, Pete Huttlinger, Denny Brooks, Mack Bailey, all in to play with Steve Ivey and me. We all get to wear the producer hat at one time or another.

I teamed up with Denny Brooks to perform for Stan Miller at a small amphitheater in Big Bear California. Stan is a legend in the music business. He has been Neil Diamond’s soundman since 1966. That’s 42 years this year that Stan started Stanal Sound in Kearney Nebraska and was the reason I got to meet John Denver when I was 16. Stan’s company was the third largest sound company in the country. He owns a B & B in Big Bear and sponsored Denny and I to perform. It was a very nice evening, and the sound system, which was donated by Neil to the facility, was awesome. (The biggest monitors I have ever sung through.

September 2007
Pam and I, once again did the Going To The Sun vintage car rally in Montana. My black go-cart had window problems so at the last minute we flew to Billings and rented a brand new Malibu to do the rally. That turned out to be a cool move as we traveled up to Banff Canada. Lake Louise is still as pretty as I remember it as a child and the Banff Springs Inn is truly beautiful.

A week with friends on the rally and then another trip of a lifetime one day after we returned to Denver.

Friends took Pam and I to Vancouver B.C. and then a short flight on a S.H.O.R.T aircraft to Port Hardy where a helicopter picked us up and whisked us off to Nimmo Bay. This is one of the most premier upscale vacationing experiences that a person can have. It’s five star dining with the finest meals/wines and staying in state of the art cabins. The resort accommodates 18 people for three or four day stays. You have breakfast in the morning, and then board your own helicopter for a two to three hour fishing session. The salmon run up these rivers and after you’ve caught and released as many as 30 in one day, you head for the top of a mountain or a deserted ocean beach where a gourmet lunch is served. After an afternoon of fishing, it’s back to the resort for a hot tub, or massage, or nap. The floating fire pit is one of a kind. The hit TV show Boston Legal even did an entire show with stars William Shatner and James Spader enjoying the entire experience. It’s a very funny episode and owner Craig Murray’s good looking boys made a big splash as the star’s fishing guides. Craig and Deborah Murray are extraordinary people and new friends. He’s a great guitar player/folk singer and we had some late night sessions that I will always treasure.

There was a surprise birthday party for Mark in San Diego. A wonderful evening with Tim and Ken Miller for a quarter horse organization on a beautiful ranch south of Colorado Springs. A wonderful Langlas wedding in Jackson Hole. And lots of special nights at the Broadmoor. I love playing there and the quality of the musicians makes it really fun. Ken Miller has been so much fun to travel with and he is so talented.

October 2007
Now it starts to get busy ---
Tuesday night in L.A. to promote the Broadmoor.
Wednesday in San Francisco to rehearse for a show Thursday night.
Friday night, a surprise appearance at the Silverado Resort in Napa for Sandra Day O’Connor.
Saturday a concert for the trial attorneys in Napa with brother Chuck and Lewis Mock flying in.
Sunday I fly to Phoenix and play for a house warming. It’s a beautiful home and Sandra Day O’Connor is in attendance - funny huh?
Sunday night I fly on the red eye to Washington D.C.
Monday morning I rent a car and drive to Charlottesville to join Pam and the Castles and Concerts tour of Virginia. It’s amazing to see Mt. Vernon and learn so much about Thomas Jefferson.
Tuesday night we drive after dinner to D.C.
Wednesday morning we fly to Denver and then drive to Aspen for the John Denver Tribute concerts.
Wednesday night the folks that knew John Denver tell their favorite stories.
Thursday, Friday and Saturday, friends John and Lois Herrington, Victoria and Dallas Davis take the train to Glenwood Springs and attend the John Denver Tribute shows. Bernie Weichsel, Elaine Leslie, Bud and Norma Schrack are also there and we meet Greg Stump, funny guy. Pam got up on stage and sang Country Roads with the entire cast and family joining her, I have never been so proud and laughed so hard - she’s very shy. Thanks for the photos Vic! It’s the 10th year! It may not happen again but then we discover an Angel…Karmen Dopslaff takes the entire project on for the 11th year.

I was the Sire for a cool show in San Francisco called Nashville Cats. My friends Richard Dennison and Scott Lawhead came in to add to a stellar lineup with Bill Purcell on keys (he played on all the Boots Randolph/Patsy Cline sessions with Owen Bradley producing), John Macy, Jerome Gilmer, Lewis Mock, Brad Quayle and Kenny Miller all flew in from Colorado. It was an amazing experience for me and I am grateful as everyone donated their time. Dolly Parton did a special video intro for all of us explaining the Jim Bob name thing.

The John Denver band moved on the Annapolis for the Annual Maryland Therapeutic Riding Association fundraiser. It was so much fun because all the folks from Montana and Pittsburg showed up.

November 2007
Pam and I flew to Ft Lauderdale and took a week’s cruise around the Caribbean. Wow did that feel great after all the travel this year!

There were two outreach fams in Tiburon and San Francisco for Spanish Peaks. Lots of fun with a show at the St. Francis Yacht Club.

The week before Thanksgiving, I flew to NYC and recorded Alphie McCourt reading his autobiography. It took four days and they were long days. I took a borrowed digital hard drive recorder and a proper mic. We did it at Alphie’s home and his brother Franks house. Frank, a Pulitzer Prize Winning author, wrote Angela’s Ashes. Alphie is a beautiful guy with a great voice and signed a book contract in January 2008. The book turned out to be about eight and half hours long on eight cd’s and I think it might have helped Alphie get the publishers attention. I know his good name did and I am proud of his friendship. Allison is so special, and his wife Lynn is too. I stayed with Bob and Nancy Downey in their Park Avenue home, just beautiful and thank you again too. Alphie came back to Colorado with me and we edited and produced the CD. What an amazing year!

I got to sing at the lighting of the Christmas Tree at the Broadmoor. A full moon came up, awesome! Then we had dinner with the Millers and Craigs. To stay at the Broadmoor is a real special feeling, you have to treat yourselves to this experience if you haven’t already.

December 2007
There were two more outreach fams for Spanish Peaks in Chicago right after Thanksgiving.

Pam and I flew to Vancouver to play for Kaiser Foundation Christmas Party at the Vancouver Club. We have been so blessed to get to do this for a number of years now and to see Edgar and Sue makes it a family event. Then Pam and I flew to Port Hardy to stay in Port McNeil with the Murray’s, the owners of Nimmo Bay, such a cool 24 hour stay with Christmas parties at West Coastal Helicopters and meeting an incredible folk singer. Folk music is alive and well thanks to these wonderful folks.

There were two nights of rehearsals for the Broadmoor Christmas Shows with Ken Miller and getting to sing with Suzy Bogguss was a ton of fun. My brothers and my folks came from Nebraska. We were all in a daze at the beauty of the Broadmoor and the attention they pay to every little detail.

Tommy and I took the boys to the North Pole and Santa’s Workshop. We had been there as little guys and to relive this might have to become an annual event. I think I’ll be there again in 2008. I sure hope all the family can come back.

In the middle of all this, I traveled to St. Louis and opened the V.I.P. room at Lumiere, a new casino down by the Arch.

Then the next night there was the special Christmas party north of Vail at this incredible ranch. I drove home that night to wake up to Casey graduating from C.U. Boulder. Casey made everyone so proud again. She got a special watch and lunch and then it was back off to Colorado Springs for me to finish the Broadmoor Shows. I drove the folks through a blinding snowstorm on Christmas morning to our home in Denver.

New Years Eve was the best John Denver show I’ve been involved in, don’t know why but it was a blast in Denver.

January 2008
January 2nd, Pam and the kids and I travel to Hawaii for a 12 day cruise around Hawaiian Islands.

Back to work with trips to Montana (Casey and I stayed at Warren and Laurie Miller’s home) and a new song for Billy Kidd, Jimmy Heuga and Pepi Stiegler. Recording a new album of Montana songs and travel back and forth (four times in the next few months). PLUS the MRI on my good knee came back positive, so I’m waiting to find out when I can visit Dr. Steadman and go through the rehab process. Oh well…. I have beaten this poor body up so much, this is nothing compared to what I deserve. I did all the tests I promised Jo, and I’m going to be here (God willing) for a while longer. I am grateful for Pam, Casey, James…. My folks, brothers and their families and our friends old and new.

It’s hard to put this into words but to play music, meet folks and see the world is a gift that I hope I never take for granted. Thank you for reading this. Don’t forget about the random acts of kindness we can all pass along.

Love to all and I hope our paths cross soon.


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