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Jim, We met in Lincoln, NE a long tiime ago. I love your music and voice. I had an original Timberline on vinal. I wore it out in the early 80s. Also purhased your Limited Edition. I heard you on a PBS this week. I am glad you are still performing. Any chance of returning to Lincoln????
esquivel@neb.rr.com - esquivel@neb.rr.com
Lincoln, NE USA - Saturday, August 24, 2013

I just saw you play with your son at the Bohemian Show in Monte Rio last night. Thank you for sharing you special moment with us. The music was great and the new guitar is beautiful.
Jolene - jolene@lunardielectric.com
Occidental, CA USA - Friday, July 26, 2013

Hi Jim, My Mom and I met you on the boat back from Key West on the Key West Express. You played us "Some where over the Rainbow" and a few other songs. It was great meeting you and love your CD. Let me know when you will be coming to Chicago. Love your music. Sharon and Joan.
Sharon - foxxyboxxy@comcast.net
Homewood, il USA - Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Jim... And so, I am the woman who went through a blizzard to see you and Chris, Jim, Pete, Alan and the rest of the group in Boston for the Rocky Mountain High Concerts....but to no avail as you all couldn't make it....it was bittersweet...knowing how wonderful all the comments were about the fantastic entertainment and feeling John alive again and so many of us who never got to see the show. So, please, please try to all do it again next year...give Boston two night in case snow comes again...so we can show all of you how we loved John Denver.... I was living in New Hampshire at the time when his children were going to school...Anna Kate at Dartmouth and Zak at Proctor...he played at Dartmouth and once a long time ago he played in North Conway NH...he looked at our White Mountains...and using his hand as gesture...he fanned the vista...and said..."you call these mountains?" They are small in comparison to the Rockies...I was at the Harborlights Concert in 1995 and was honored to be at the tapings of the Wildlife Concert for both nights....and of course, to the home of homes...Aspen Colorado....where in 1995, I met my hero at the top of Aspen Mountain and learned what a true 'Rocky Mountain High' was really all about....countless concerts in between and then after that horrible day in 1997, you all gave us John Denver once again in Aspen in October...some of the best memories...bringing us together from around the world....to meet family, friends and hear the wonder of John's songs echoing through the Wheeler Opera house........this and so much more.... His music and legacy of person continue....thank you.... So as the song goes..."Please come to Boston" next year....to let all of us who were going to be there this year...have another shot at going down Country Roads... You are speical and I enjoy your singing, your sensitivity and your showmanship...and your stories...your site is FAR OUT... My heart to yours, Jim.... Jane
Jane McLaughlin - myhrt2yours@hotmail.com
Wayland, NY USA - Saturday, April 06, 2013

Jim - Clem and Cynde here (Annie's Song) we saw you at the Duchin Room the last couple nights...the first night your demeanor and talent immediately shot both of us back to our days at Montana State - .... But the best was yet to come....the next night you saw us in the the back of the room, dedicated Annie's Song to us AND remembered the year that it was sung at our wedding...we both had tears in our eyes...your talent is obvious BUT your character is exceptional! Thank you for making a memory for us. Sure hope we are lucky enough to have our paths cross again! The Pelletts www.clemcpellett.com
Clem Pellett - pellettcc@gmail.com
Bellevue, WA USA - Monday, March 18, 2013

Hey Jim, My husband and I attended your John Denver tribute in Dallas yesterday (2/20/13) and thoroughly enjoyed it! John Denver (and his music) has been our favorite musician over his long career and we were delighted to be able to see and hear the fabulous tribute concert! We also were very impressed with you. You have a wonderful voice and are quite musically skilled! Kudos to you and the others who did such a great job!! Shirley Harwood
Shirley Harwood - smharwood@sbcglobal.net
Irving, TX USA - Thursday, February 21, 2013

Hi Jim...wow! went to the JD tribute. I was so in love with the moment. Thank you for helping me and all of John's fans have another tender moment with John again. Most of us never got to say good-bye or put closure to his life. It took 15 years, but it was worth waiting for. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I was so impressed with the "Band". I am so excited to have discoved you too! Your voice hit a chord in my heart. I bought your CD, "Music from the Mountains", and am lovin' it!!! Please keep the music coming and please come back to Milwaukee!
Linda Hartman - lkindhrt@sbcglobal.net
Milwaukee, WI USA - Saturday, February 16, 2013

My husband and I so enjoyed the concert last night (2/9/13) in Lancaster. Thank you so much for being a part of bring John back for one more concert.There were tears of joy last night....
Kim Rosencrance - farout132@hotmail.com
Clarks Summit, Pa USA - Sunday, February 10, 2013

Attended the "Tribute to John Denver" concert in Lancaster, PA on 2/9/13. It was fabulous and really enjoyed your singing voice as well. The entire band was wonderful and the tribute presentation was and will be forever memorable. Thank you for bringing John's memory back to life!
Marilyn Rosenbaum - amaze1951@comcast.net
Exton, PA USA - Sunday, February 10, 2013

My husband and I attended your tribute to John Denver concert this evening on Feb-06-2013 in Easton, PA at the State Theater. We throughly enjoyed ourselves. You did a superb job entertaining everyone. Loved your singing. Your tribute was very special and brought together a wealth of talent. Thank you for a wonderful show.
Nancy M. Reilly - fnreilly@msn.com
Phillipsburg, NJ USA - Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Great show in Westbury last Friday! The stuff with John on video is awesome, but the band by itself is a tribute alone. Your vocals and stage presence are so heartfelt and real. Hopefully, I'll catch you again. It was cool that Long Island was the opening night of the tour--I felt honored to be there! "Ponies" such a highlight for me. Thanks to everyone!
Jeff Jensen - jjthedj@optonline.net
plainview, ny USA - Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Hello, Jim What was my joy to be able to applaud the Wheeler Opera House Aspen Saturday, 13/10/2012! This week John Denver and FABULOUS CONCERT are forever in my memory. When I think of when I watch or (still) pictures or videos of this concert I have tears in my eyes, hiding unfortunately I could not go back to Colorado (being unemployed) but your memories and music music remain, and there are facebook . THANK YOU JIM
BATTINI Marie-Hélène - vattini_usa@hotmail.com
MARSEILLE, FRANCE - Monday, January 28, 2013

Jim, I just listened to the Cherry Mash song, my father's song. He was Charles Chase, owner and manager of Chase Candy Co. I had a wonderful childhood in St. Joe, MO. attached to the Chase Company which made many different kinds of candy. Your song was great! When did you compose it? (Incidentally, I am a piano teacher and a frustrated composer.) Nancy
Nancy Cnase - nancyhiker1@yahoo.com
Goleta, CA USA - Friday, January 18, 2013

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